What is the structure of the FilterPave® System


What is FilterPave® installed on top of?

This is one of FilterPave® unique points. It does not require different layers of material it is poured directly onto a type 3 sub-base. This saves installation time which can then save time and money on big projects for the main contractor.

How porous is FilterPave®?

FilterPave® is highly porous. University tests have proven that it is nearly twice as porous as pervious concrete and maintains the highest sustainable void space of any porous paving system.

Does FilterPave capture oil residue and hydrocarbons before they reach the water table?

Yes, FilterPave® captures contaminants thus improving the quality of surface/flood water reaching the water table?

University tests have proven that 1.5kg of oily substances can be bound per cubic metre of FilterPave®.

How do I obtain a sample of FilterPave®?

To receive a sample of FilterPave® please use the REQUEST A SAMPLE button via the website.

How much does FilterPave® cost?

All projects costs are site specific. To receive a quotation please use the REQUEST A QUOTE button via the website.

How is FilterPave® installed and can I do it?

You can install FilterPave yourself by using our FilterPave® Kits that come with full installation instructions. However for bigger commercial jobs we recommend that you use one of our nationwide network of Certified Contractors who are experienced in the application of FilterPave. To find a Contractor near you, use the CONTACT US button via the website.

Where can I buy FilterPave?

We can supply and install FilterPave® for your large scale commercial projects. You can also buy FilterPave® in Kit format direct from us, please use the CONTACT US button via the website.

Can company names and logos are installed?

Yes, this is possible with stencils made of aluminium.

Where can FilterPave® be installed?

FilterPave® can be used in the following areas:

All public areas
Parking Areas
Access Roads
Around the base of Trees (tree pits)
Swimming pool surrounds
Golf course walk/cart paths

What are the maintenance requirements?

As with all pervious pavements, FilterPave® should be kept free of large sediment loads. Annual rejuvenation of the permeability should be done by use of a water flush and vac-truck treatment, however this will be subject to the installation location and environment.

What about clogging?

FilterPave® has over twice the sustainable void space as other hard surfaced pervious pavements, resulting in less clogging and greater reduction in storm water runoff.

Freeze/thaw affect?

The FilterPave® Porous Pavement system is flexible, durable, and resistant to freeze-thaw cycles and has been installed successfully in cold climates such as Wisconsin and Canada.

Can you open up the area for e.g. supply lines / duct work after FilterPave has been installed?

Yes. FilterPave ® can be cut using conventional saws and the area can be broken out using a hammer drill.

How long does it take until the FilterPave ® surface cured or can be loaded?

After 24 hours, the surface can be carefully walked on, after 3 to 5 days it can be fully loaded.

How many square feet of construction must a joint be considered?

With a daily installation capacity of 500 to 1,000 square metres no construction joint is necessary.

How many colours are available?

There are currently 6 colours. Custom colours can be produced on request.

Sedona Red
Topaz Brown
Sapphire Blue
Jade Green
Amber Brown
Natural Blend

What is the load baring capacity of FilterPave®?

FilterPave® can accept a loading up to 2.7 tonnes.

How does FilterPave® cope with black ice?

FilterPave ® system is open-pored so the rain filters almost immediately leaving very little surface water to form into an icy and slip ply surface.

Can weeds grow through FilterPave® ?

No. Although FilterPave is porous weeds do not grow through it.

What holds the glass together?

Soiltec Germany in association with BASF – The Chemical Company have taken years to develop and perfect the resin that bounds together the recycled glass. This is a patent product available only in the FilterPave® system.

How many glass bottles are required per square meter?

Depending on the mounting strength there are about 90 standard size bottles in a square metre of FilterPave.

Can the glass cut you?

The glass goes through a robust recycling process and this takes all sharp edges from the glass. The raw glass material can be rubbed easily between your hands or you can walk on it in bare feet.

Is the installation of FilterPave ® weather permitting?

Yes. We are dependent on dry weather and temperatures of min. 5° C.

Where is it recycled

It is recycled right here in the UK so no environmentally damaging shipping processes.

Where does the glass come from?

It is collected from local authorities across the UK.

Is FilterPave® made from 100% recycled glass?

Yes. Contrary to belief the majority of used glass is not recycled it goes direct to landfill. By recycling glass FilterPave® is making a big contribution to the environment, and so will you by purchasing it.

What is FilterPave®?

FilterPave® is an environmentally friendly complete porous flooring system made from 100% post consumer recycled glass that is bound together with a technologically advanced multi-component elastic resin from Soiltec Germany and featuring BASF – The Chemical Company.

FilterPave® is extremely porous with a high level of sustainable void space that makes a big contribution to sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS), in essence it rapidly filters storm water run off from roofs and other surfaces straight direct back to the water table, thus reducing the pressure on the local drainage system and the risk of flooding.It also captures oil residue and hydrocarbons increasing the quality of the water reaching the water table. (Tests have revealed that up to 15 kg of oily substance can be bound per cubic metre of FilterPave (research by the University of Wisconsin)).

100% Recycled Glass

FilterPave is made from 100% recycled glass. Our glass is sourced and recycled right here in the UK. Our UK based glass recycling company collects post consumer glass from local authorities across the UK and puts it through a rigorous recycling process.


The FilterPave© system is available in the following six different hues

  • image 1Amber Brown
  • image 2Sapphire Blue
  • image 3Jade Green
  • image 4Topaz Brown
  • image 7Sedona Red
  • image 7Natural Blend